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The lack of insulation, tight building envelop, inefficient heating and cooling systems, among other problems, drive residential building to use one and a half to two times as much as energy as necessary to achieve comfort and convenience. These excess energy usage cost about $45 billion annually.

As energy efficiency professionals our job is to find the causes and offer a cost-effective solutions for these energy waste. These factors may vary depending on climatic conditions, building characteristics, and building operating procedures.

According to John Krigger and Chris Dorsi (author of Residential Energy: cost savings and comfort for existing buildings) energy inefficiency or waste can be divided into following categories:

HEATING - Seasonal for fossil-fuel heating systems range from 30% to 90%. Most of our old system operate at the middle to lower end of this scale.

HEAT LOSSES - Depending of the thermal resistance of the building. Heat moves from indoor to outdoors through its building shell.

AIR LEAKAGE - Infiltrating air must be heated or cooled to a comfortable temperature, and heated or cooled air is lost when air leaks out of the building.

WATER HEATING - Energy losses in heating and storage of hot water can amount to 40% or more of that system’s energy consumption.

COOLING - Many cooling systems suffer from infrequent or improper maintenance. Simple adjustments and cleaning can increase typically low cooling efficiencies. Newer cooling systems are more efficient than older systems.

HEAT GAINS - Many homes use excessive cooling energy because of improper shading, excessive air leakage and internally generated heat.

DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS - Heated or cooled air leaking from ducts and uninsulated pipes in unconditioned spaces waste a portion of energy consumed in furnace, boilers, air conditioners and water heaters.

APPLIANCES AND LIGHTING - Refrigerators, lights, entertainment systems , computers and other appliances use considerable electrical energy because of obsolete design, careless operation or just the sheer number of electrical devices in a home.

RESIDENT BEHAVIOR - The awareness and care of a building’s residents and managers has a significant influence on how energy the building uses.

Part of GREENHOUSE’s mission is to help home owners to:

1. Conserve energy and save money.

2. Protect the environment by reducing harmful energy by-products.

3. Increase public awareness of energy-saving products and procedures.

4. Recognize all of the home’s important energy saving opportunities and come up with the most cost-effective solutions in getting these opportunities.

5. Convert energy savings into dollars for the home owners.

With these in mind we can help you save on energy bills while saving our mother earth against the harmful by-product of energy production.


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